Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Are Shaved Heads Sexy ???

While I contemplate how I might look wearing a wig, I start to think about the other alternative - showing off my baldness with pride. Right now my scalp still has a few tufts of hair on it and if I want to make it into a viable hairstyle, i'll have to shave it down even more. I shaved it off last year when it started to fall out in patches. Since then it looks as if it might even be growing back in places, but is still quite patchy and uneven. I know that I'm fortunate. There are lots of black women, both ordinary and in the public eye who have shaved heads. I might not look out of place if I walked down the street with a freshly shorn head. But I guess there's a difference between shaved head and bald head - and I'm not quite sure that I can pull the latter off so well. Anyway, I've been surfing the net for a bit of inspiration...

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