Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sex, Wraps and Rock n' roll

I've just realised that I've spent so much time ruminating on random thoughts about cancer that I've neglected the original purpose of this blog - which was to find a decent afro wig. Too many days spent navel-gazing has made me forget my original mission. Am I still bothered though ? Now that spring is in the air, surely something lighter might be more practical ? I'm pretty sure that sunshine and synthetic hair don't mix that well and have visions of myself overheating so much that I end up like Samantha in an episode of Sex and The City during her bout with breast cancer, and pulling off the damn thing in public.

I'm still wearing my headwrap which is ok but if I'm honest, I'm getting a little bored of it. I'm tired of the fact that it keeps unravelling in the most annoying of places. Today it decided to undo itself at the back outside the local vd clinic (yes, vd !). I stopped outside the back entrance to wrap the two long lengths of fabric back into a bun and a few seconds later a shabby looking man stopped, looked at me, stood next to me and decided to peruse their opening hours. Moments later a stern-faced woman emerged and looked at us both suspiciously.

'Can i help you ?' she said eyeing me warily.
 'I'm...I'm  just doing up this' I replied really inarticulately, pointing to my headwrap. Tongue-tiedness is  what you get when you mix a chemo-fried brain with a too-early morning rise.
'Are you both together ?' she persisted ? scanning her eyes from me to my new found companion.
'No !' I reply, getting a little annoyed.
Does she really get many couples arranging to meet outside the sexual health clinic ? Or does she think this is a great place for picking up men ??

Thinking about it now though,  perhaps she was right to be so suspicious. It's not a very usual thing to see - someone trying to wrap metres of fabric around their head while standing outside a sexual health clinic. I decided that it was time for a change, and left reminding myself that I should get back on the case of finding a hair stylist who would be able to cut one of the two wigs that I ordered recently. I've just e-mailed a session stylist who I remember working with a long time ago on a photo-shoot. He's up for cutting my wig, I just need to set up a date and time. Will let you know how I get on...

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