Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Doctor, Doctor

Today I have an appointment to see a chest/thoracic surgeon. Because I have a tumour that is located in the chest wall and part of the sternum and because of my age, my doctor thinks that I might be a candidate for surgery. She has spoken to two surgeons who apparently have both uhmmed and ahhhed. I guess they're thinking that as it would be a big operation, what's the point going to all this trouble only to have it reoccur again later ? I'm of the 'get rid of it completely' opinion but then again, I know that I'm only a layman.

I'm thinking about how to 'wear' my hair to the appointment. I have a headwrap which I normally wrap into a kind of rosette shape at the back which makes it look quite pretty. It makes me look less like a cancer patient and more perhaps like someone who's having a bad hair day. The good thing about being black and having to wear headwraps is that no-one really bats an eyelid when I go out. So many black women wrap their heads for reasons ranging from religious, cultural or just lifestyle ones. It's certainly one less anxiety to have to deal with.

I've ordered this book through Amazon. It's written by an art director who works at the New York Times and shows headwraps from around the world. I'm really interested in finding out about new ways of wrapping the head and hope that it will give me a bit of inspiration...

I'm still feeling a little weak from the chemo but I reckon a good dose of London smog will probably wake me up a bit. Am looking forward to connecting with the outside world again...


  1. I am loving what i am ready so far. I want to cut all of my hair off as well. However, i am no being treated for cancer. I just want to be my natural self. Thank u. This is inspiri g

  2. Thanks Reneice and apologies that it's taken me so long to respond to your comment. I'd say go ahead and cut your hair ! - It takes no time to get used to and is soooo easy to look after. Let me know if you go for it... and thanks for the comments... Cx