Sunday, 6 March 2011

Girls' Night In...

So my friends R and M came round yesterday to give me the wig that R had bought - just in case the one that I ordered from the web didn't turn up. M also gave me a bone straight 60s-style bob wig that she used to wear. I put it on my head and had trouble recognising myself. I looked like I was about to go to a fancy dress party. They both thought that it really suited me. I guess there's no accounting for taste. I tried on my Vanessa La Jay wig thinking that they'd laugh their heads off. They loved it ! Well, they agreed that I might look as though I'm about to take the stage but argued that if I stepped outside with it on, no-one would probably bat an eyelid. I guess we've got celebrity culture to thank for the fact that it's acceptable to walk down the street looking as if you might be auditioning for the next series of the X factor, but it still felt huuuuge on my head. R also bought round the wig that she'd bought me. I tried it on but it looked way too cheap and way too synthetic. I've decided that I'll take the Vanessa wig with me when I go to meet Trevor Sorbie on Tuesday. R's going to come along too for moral support.

M wants us to all to get dressed up and wear our wigs out for the evening. But I'm worried that we'll be mistaken for hookers and be charged with soliciting. Still, it could be fun. Especially if we do something super-tacky like hiring a limo for the night.

Healthwise, I'm still really tired from the effects of the chemo. We went out for a family day out today and I could barely summon up the energy to go for a walk in the park.  In the end we just went to a cafe and had hot chocolate and chips. Thank god that my mum is here to cook, clean and generally be supergran for the next couple of weeks. I feel bad not contributing too much to the chores but I guess having cancer has to have some benefits doesn't it ?

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