Monday, 28 March 2011

Cutting Corners...

So I've contacted the new hair stylist. He's a biggie who's worked on film sets, with celebs, on photo-shoots and more. I don't expect him to be cheap, but I'm hoping that he might be amenable to a bit of sympathy-soaked negotiating as I don't have a celeb-style budget to play with.

I call him and we chat about what I originally wanted, what I've ended up with so far and what I'd really like. He sounds real cool and easy-going but his cutting fee is not small and he's talking about blow-drying. Eh ? blow-drying an afro wig ? I've never heard of that one before. I'm tempted to tell him that Trevor S didn't need to blow dry my wig but am conscious that i'm talking to a 'creative' and my many years experience of working with the 'c' crew has taught me how sensitive and fragile their egos can be.

I mention the fact that I'm on chemo at the mo, that I have no hair, that I have no hair, repeat... that I have no... but he's a London boy and his negotiating is as hardline as they come. He tells me how most people who want their wigs cut are only too happy to spend loads of money on the wig, but then quibble over the price of the cut. I'm also tempted to tell him that I'm not one of the those peeps. The cut will cost twice as much as the wig and if I don't like the finished result, I've lost out twice. He starts to quote salon prices. Okay, okay. We agree to pause negotiations until he's seen the wig and a pic of Halle Berry that I've found on the net, then he'll get back to me.

I'm beginning to now appreciate just how wonderful and philanthropic Trevor Sorbie is. What other top hair stylist would give up his busy time and hefty fee to cut an anonymous wig on an anonymous person just because they have cancer ?

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