Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Curly Wurly...

So here's the wig that my friend R purchased for me. £14.99 from Pak's in Finsbury Park. It isn't quite what I was thinking of when I began my search and is way too corkscrew and silky looking to ever pass for real afro hair but R assures me that most of the amateur stylists that she watches on You Tube (like this one) start off with a very european-looking wig and end up with something that wouldn't look out of place on Macy Gray's head.

I trust her judgement and am looking forward to picking it up at the weekend. I have no idea whether it will fit or not since all wigs seem to come in one size only. It seems a bit strange that I haven't been able to find a wig specialist who knows about afro hair. Last week I was all set to pay Selfridges a visit after reading that they had a wig department. Since M, another friend of mine has very kindly donated £40 to help me get a decent quality wig, I thought it would make sense to try one of the most high profile department stores for this. But when I put in a call beforehand, they told me that their wigs were mainly for old people and that they definitely had no afro versions. Another sales assistant then grabbed the phone and told me to try Shepherd's Bush Market. But to be honest, she may as well have said go to Timbuktu. I just don't have the energy to trek across London right now. Anyway, I'm glad I've got something. It isn't right but it's something to bring along to the Trevor Sorbie session next week.

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